TAD i-am

Introducing the TAD i-am™

The innovative new TAD i-am™, from TAD, is designed to dramatically improve security, on-site health and safety, and improve company efficiency, offering much-needed protection by ensuring only authorised, fully-trained personnel operate vehicles.

The TAD i-am™ also provides a wealth of added safety features, and keeps managers up-to-date with all necessary training programmes, and generates valuable data which can dramatically improve site efficiency.

Lease rental is provided through our leasing partner, System Rentals Ltd.

Why use TAD i-am™?

  • Protect your fleet assets and enhance Health & Safety compliance by restricting access only to authorised, qualified personnel.
  • Monitor the usage of your assets with instant reporting.
  • Analyse usage with Clearsight, offering site logging, user analysis, peak usage and denied access.

Why Finance My Lease Rental through TAD and System Rentals Limited?

  • Retain your capital for better use elsewhere.
  • Protect bank leasing facilities for situations where leasing isn’t an option.
  • Fixed affordable rental – your rate is unaffected by inflation and helps forward budgeting.
  • Tax allowable.
  • Flexibility – financing terms to suit the useful life of the system and the ability to upgrade.
  • A quantifiable Return-on-Investment.

Find A Lease Rental Rate To Suit You

Use Our Rental Calculator to Find a Rate that Suits You and Apply for Lease Rental.

Presenting The TAD i-am™ In Detail..

This presentation explains in more detail how the TAD i-am™ system functions to provide protection and monitoring of your plant. It can also be downloaded here: TAD i-am Presentation.pptx