LoomGuard – Front Door

Ford - Custom

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Front Door LoomGuard for the Ford Custom 2012 onward. The LoomGuard shields the exposed and vulnerable central locking wires which can be seen from the exterior and easily cut. If this happens it will give the owner a costly bill and great inconvenience as the doors cannot then be opened and access to the load area is restricted.

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Key Details

  • Front door LoomGuard for the Ford Custom 2012 onward.
  • Shields the Vehicles exsposed and vulnerable central locking wiring looms with a metal barrier.
  • Instant Protection for the Central Locking wires that are easily seen from the exterior and therefore easily cut.
  • Thieves try to cut the vulnerable wires, in the misguided belief this will unlock the doors- The Loom Gaurd prevents this.
  • If your Central locking wiring looms are cut (1) This is a costly repair. (2) Inconvenience caused by not being able to access the rear vehicles doors restricting access to the load areas.
  • Solid Aluminium Construction.
  • Coated with white durable powdercoat which makes the loomguard extremely strong.
  • Metal barrier is specially contoured to avoid damaging the vehicles door.
  • Strong Visual Deterrent.
  • Fitting Available Please Call 01923 712430 for details.


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