OBD Immobiliser (Electronic)


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A OBD Port Electronic immobiliser is extra protection against Thieves for your vehicles. While your factory immobiliser works by reading a unique code from your key to start your vehicle, the OBD immobiliser sends a unique code through a hidden transponder to your vehicle to start the engine. This combats key cloning and electronic bypass devices.


Key Details

  • A OBD Port Electronic immobiliser.
  • Disarms both Can-bus feeds to the OBD port when ignition is turned off.
  • OBD port is re-activated by passing a uniquely coded transponder – Card.
  • Only the vehicle owner knows where the hidden recepter is located.
  • OBD Port cannot be used to overcome the – vehicles immobilisers, clone blank keys or be used to start keyless entry vehicles.
  • One credit card and One tag type transponder supplied.
  • Transponder can be hidden behind plastic trim.
  • Black security wiring and Resin bonded small ECU.
  • Flashing LED.
  • Pin code override.
  • Stops Key cloning.
  • Stops use of a electronic bypass devices.
  • Isolates OBD Port/ECU communication.
  • Utilises a Thatcham Approved Category 2 Immobiliser.


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