Coded OBD Port Protector [Thatcham)

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Thieves are constantly discovering new ways to steal your vehicle. This Coded OBD Port Protector stops thieves overriding the manufacturers immobiliser. They are unable to connect a PDA / EDI Key or laptop into the vehicles OBD socket. Therefore, they are unable to reprogram the OBD with a different key code or deceive the vehicle into thinking that the correct chipped key is being used. They will be unable to start the vehicle and thus driving it away.


Key Details

  • Coded OBD Port Protector.
  • Added Security for your vehicle – Thieves are unable to override the manufacturers immobiliser.
  • Prevents the vehicle being stolen via the OBD Port.
  • Thatcham Quality Assured.
  • Patented OBD/ECU Connection Protection Device.
  • Surrounds the OBD plug in a Secure Box.
  • Attached to the crash bar behind the dashboard.
  • Can only be unlocked with the correct high security key.
  • No wires are tampered with or cut so will not invalidate manufacturers warranties.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Attack tested by Sold Secure.
  • No user input required ensuring security of the Vehicle.
  • Fitting sevice available please call 01923 712430.

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