Thatcham 2-1 Canbus/Plip

A4615P with ADR x 2

£159.00 £190.80 inc. VAT

The system is designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of CANbus protocols and can be used both for CAN and non CAN based vehicles. Complete with Two Driver Cards.


Key Details


  • A Universal Cobra A4615P Thatcham Cat 2-1 Wireless Canbus / Plip Alarm with ADR Card.
  • Pre-programmed to your specific vehicle.
  • Arms and Disarms with original keys – No need for an additional fob.
  • Full Perimetric protection – Doors, Boot, bonnet all protected.
  • Full internal protection – Ultrasonic.
  • Electronic Arming/Disarming via PIN Code (Push Button).
  • Category 2-1 (Vehicles with Approved Immobilisers).
  • High Power Wireless Battery Back-up Siren.
  • Pager / Siren Output (Negative – alternating or continuous).
  • 2 Low Negative Wire CDL Control Including Total Closure.
  • Additional Modules that can be fitted to alarm for example Tilt sensor, Microwave, Glass break sensor and Infrasonic sensor.
  • Fitting Available Please Call 01923 712430 for details.

ADR – Card

  • Pocket sized – Driver carries on them, whenever they drive the vehicle.
  • When the A4615 Alarm is turned off the alarm checks the drivers card – If not present vehicle will remain immobilized.
  • No Card – Engine will not start.
  • Prevents cloned vehicle keys from being used.
  • Stolen keys can not be used to start the vehicle.


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