Modular Alarm with Wireless Siren

A4698 - Thatcham Category 2-1

£96.95 £116.34 inc. VAT

Cobra Thatcham Cat 2-1 Modular Alarm, featuring a 2 button remote control, volumetric ultrasonic sensor, & high power backup battery siren.


Key Details

  • Cobra A4698 Thatcham Cat 2-1 Modular Alarm.
  • Two Button Remote Control – High security ACE.
  • Volumetric ultrasonic sensor.
  • High Power backup battery Siren.
  • Mini Modular Design.
  • Perimetric Protection – Doors, Bonnet, Boot.
  • Electronic Arming/Disarming via PIN Code (Push Button)
  • Wire Cutting Protection.
  • Thatcham Cat 2-1 Upgrade.
  • 1 Programmable Output.
  • 5 Wire Central Door Locking control including total closure.
  • Cobra BUS (Only for kits with BBS)
  • Panic Facility.
  • Auto door locking (Vehicle Speed Sensor).
  • Double Lock Pulse.
  • Double Unlock Pulse.
  • Optional extras – ADR High Security ACE Driver Card, Emergency Disarming via Electronic Key.
  • Fitting Available Please Call 01923 712430.


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