Mercedes Benz – E-Class

7 Pin vehicle specific wiring kits

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7 Pin vehicle specific wiring kits for the Mercedes Benz E-Class: W213 Saloon. 04/16 onward, S213 Estate 09/16 onward, T213 All-Terrain 03/17 onward, C283 Coupe 03/17 onward.


Benefits of a Vehicle Specific Wiring kit

  • Works in harmony with vehicles safety systems.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Exact fit for each specific vehicle.
  • Reliable.
  • Easy connection to the vehicles original wiring.

Overview 7-pin socket

Pin Function Colour

1/L Left blinker Yellow

2/54G Mist light Blue

3/31 Mass White

4/R Right blinker Green

5/58R Right tail light Brown

6/54 Brake lights Red

7/58L Left tail light Black

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