7 Pin Single Socket Bypass wiring

for Trailer Towing

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Universal 7Pin Single Socket Bypass wiring for Trailer Towing.


Universal aftermarket wiring can work fine in all but a very few vehicles, the disadvantage is that because it is of a different standard to that used by the vehicle manufacturer, the warranty on your vehicle could be invalid in the case of any problems.

Note that this is not the warranty on the whole car, just the parts that are affected by the towbar wiring. To avoid any possible warranty problems on newer cars it is recomended to fit what is known as a ‘dedicated’ or ‘vehicle specific’ wiring loom.

These looms differ from universal electrics because they are the same specification as the wiring that would be used by the vehicle manufacturer and authorised dealerships.

They work with the electrical systems on the tow car rather than just bypassing them in the case of universal electrics.If your car has built in safety features such as ‘Trailer Stability Control’ it is important to use a dedicated wiring loom, because otherwise these systems would not be activated.


  • This smart bypass fits virtually all cars, handles cars with standard or modulated circuitry (e.g. two functions in one bulb) and has a quiescent current of zero. Interface to the car is via signal wires from the relay. Interface to the trailer is via screw terminals.
  • They bypass all the vehicle’s bulb-failure warning systems.
  • They protect the vehicle against damage from the trailer wiring
  • They use smart logic to deal with cars that have one bulb handling two functions (e.g. brake lights and sidelights sharing the same bulbs).
  • They have two fuses to protect the relay against short circuits in the trailer wiring
  • They are totally invisible to the car so the car does not detect them
  • The signal wires to the car’s rear lighting loom are protected so that only a milliamp can pass from the car to the relay and nothi


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