3m Aluminium Ladder Slides

with Ladder Securing System

£177.99 £213.59 inc. VAT

A quick and easy way to load ladders without the need for a roller, ladder clamps or climbing on the roof. Ladders are kept Secure and safe.


  • Made from anodised aluminium so won’t corrode.
  • Lightweight and extremely strong.
  • Dimensions: 3m long.
  • Will accommodate ladder widths between 340mm and 500mm and ladder heights between 120mm and 220mm.
  • Load carrying capacity – 40kg distributed evenly to the maximum load carrying capacity (refer to vehicle handbook).
  • Comes complete with galvanised & powder coated steel brackets.
  • Buckle is approved to BS EN 361.
  • Height and width are fully adjustable to accommodate different ladder sizes and types.
  • Aerodynamic end caps act as low friction runners for loading ladders.
  • Two front retainer arms prevent vertical movement.
  • Fully adjustable web strap and buckle at the rear to secure loads.
  • Buckle can be secured when not in use.
  • Universal design – mounts on to ULTI Bars and other systems with no drilling required.


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