2 Bar KammBar System

Talento, NV300, Trafic - H1,L1L2

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Two KammBar System with lockable leg cowls. Provides extra transportation space.

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Two KammBar System – All Doors – H1L1, H1L2 – Fiat Talento 2016 onward, Nissan NV300 2016 onward and the Renault  Trafic 2015 onward

  • Provides extra transportation space – ideal for boards, pipes etc.
  • Developed with the latest technologies and manufacturing.
  • Advanced aerodynamics – Reduced noise.
  • Strength and Practicality – 50kg load per bar.
  • Light Weight Anodised aluminium – coasted with anti-corrosive finish.
  • Protected against rusting and weathering.
  • Two KammBar load stops supplied with all KammBar systems – Easily adjustable, removed when not in use.
  • Pre-assembled legs.
  • Lockable leg cowls.
  • TUV DS Certification – 20g Crash Tested.
  • Optional extras – Additional Loadstops, Rear Roller systems, Pipe Tube carriers and SafeClamp Ladder Clamps.
  • Fitting Available.

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