Ultrasonic Parking Sensors with Buzzer.

Intelligent, Radio Mute Functionality.

£55.06 £66.07 inc. VAT

Four Cobra Intelligent Ultrasonic parking sensors with Radio Mute Functionality. Included with a buzzer that becomes more frequent the closer the object.



  • FOUR FLUSH FIT Cobra sensors.
  • Ultrasonic sensors- emit acoustic pulses to calculate object distance. An advantage over electromagnetic sensors which require the vehicle to move slowly towards object.
  • Radio Mute Functionality
  • 22mm Paintable
  • Intelligent Sensors – Will detect Vehicles Towbars and Spare Wheels.
  • Self Test Function.
  • Automatic activation when reverse gear is selected.
  • Mounting face – external.
  • Push in sensors.
  • Protudes by 0.75mm.
  • Beeps becoming more frequent the closer the object.


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