18mm – Angled Sensors – Rear

White, Multi-Tone Buzzer

£39.26 £47.11 inc. VAT

Four 18mm Angled Intelligent Parking sensors (will detect towbars and spare wheels) including a multi-tone Buzzer with three volume levels. Parking sensors makes parking safer, quicker and easier.


  • Four 18mm Angled Head Rear parking sensor kit with Audible Buzzer.
  • Colour – White – Colour coding available for an extra cost.
  • The Angled head sensors are ideal for curved bumpers.
  • Intelligent System – Ignore towbars and spare wheels function.
  • Detection range – 0.2 to 1.5m.
  • Multi-Tone Audible Buzzer with three volume levels.
  • Audible buzzer – High 108+-8dB Low 80+-10dB.
  • Parking sensors make parking easier, quicker and safer.
  • Dramatically reduce the chance of dents and scratches to your vehicle while parking.
  • Ideal for fleet vehicles as they may be operated by those unfamiliar to the vehicle. Parking sensors help safeguard against accidents happening when parking.
  • A and D distance reduction.
  • Sensor installation height adjustable.
  • IP67 – Dust and water resistant.
  • Option to add a L.E.D numerical display at an extra cost – Part number PS62.
  • Fitting Available please call 01923 712430 for details.
  • Check out our wide range of after-market vehicle accessories including – Tow-bars, Locks, Trackers, Roof bars/Racks, Ply Lining, Bulkheads, Shelving and Racking etc.


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