Universal LED Parking Sensor Display


£16.12 £19.34 inc. VAT

Universal Slim LED Display with numerical countdown for use with parking sensors. Makes parking safer, quicker and easier.


Key Details

  • Slim LED Display with Numerical Countdown.
  • Traffic light system – Red, Amber and Green.
  • Front or Rear mounting.
  • Universal – Can be used with all parking sensors.
  • When used in conjunction with parking sensors

Parking becomes easier, quicker and safer.

Dramatically reduce the chance of dents and scratches to your vehicle while parking.

Ideal for fleet vehicles as they may be operated by those unfamiliar to the vehicle. Parking sensors help safeguard against accidents happening when parking.

Designs of modern vehicles often make it hard to judge how close you are to objects when parking, parking sensors help safeguard against accidents happening when parking.

  • Can be Muted.
  • Wiring included.
  • 6m Cable.
  • Dimensions – Height 18mm, Width 30mm, Length 80mm.
  • Fitting Available please call 01923 712430 for details.
  • Please check out our range of parking sensors, that can be used in conjunction with this LED Display.


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