Straight Protection Bumper

Ford - Connect

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A Straight T-Bar Protection Bumper for the Ford Connect 2003 to 2014 (LPG models only) . Protects the rear of vehicle from hard knocks.Not available for the sports model with twin exhausts.


Protects the appearance of your van and safeguards your corporate image

When you consider the investment you make in a commercial vehicle it makes sense to protect it. The Hope safe-T-bar does this reliably. Protection from just one heavy knock can pay back the cost – and think how frequently your van is reversed in congested surroundings or loaded by fork lift!

Outstanding proven record

The Safe-T-Bar’s appearance adds to the distinction of any van and is a proven economy. Demand from major fleet customers has made the Hope safe-T-bar an outstanding success.


For around the price of the original bumper a Hope safe-T-bar can be fitted in minutes, without modification to the body work bolting to the manufacturers existing specified mounting points using simple hand tools.

Lower running costs

If you own a single vehicle, the reduction in depreciation, garage bills, accident claims and good will created by the appearance of your own vehicles can add up to a significant annual sum. Imagine what that means to fleet owners.

Protects insurance premiums

Apart from reducing claims and protecting no-claims bonuses, some insurance companies may offer lower premiums for vehicles fitted with the Hope Safe-T-Bar.

Safety & health benefits

The Hope Safe-T-Bar does more than protect your vehicle it protects your drivers too. A specially formulated wide surface provides a safe anti-slip step when loading and unloading. The recessed reflective red strip improves visibility on the road and in work areas.

  • Anti-slip surface prevents accident claims
  • Assists loading and unloading roof racks
  • Highly reflective red strip improves conspicuity on the road

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