Pro Power Q Inverter

24V 100W

£35.34 £42.41 inc. VAT

Pro Power Q Inverter Quasisinewave output can be used with all but the most sophisticated appliances. Features one UK plug socket and supplied with adapter to fit international plugs and 24V cigarette lighter socket.


Key Details

  • 100 Watts PRO Power Q, Quasisinewave Output Inverter.
  • DC Volts – 24V.
  • Output voltage – 230V.
  • Hertz – 50 Hz.
  • One UK plug socket.
  • Supplied with adapter to fit international plugs.
  • Delivers more power for less money.
  • Lower consumption from the battery.
  • Smaller dimensions than regular inverters.
  • This 100w Inverter (‘Coke Can’) is small enough to fit into the vehicles drink holder.
  • Battery cable – Lighter socket plug or Gold plated terminals.
  • Continuous ratings in Watts means power available in reserve.
  • Short term overload will not be a problem.
  • High and Low voltage cut out.
  • Protection against excessive overload and over temperature.


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