Pro Charge U 24v 30amp battery charger

£453.05 £543.66 inc. VAT


– automatically operates with an A/C input of 90-270 volts at 40-70 Hz
– including LiFePO4, GEL, AGM, open/sealed
lead acid and Calcium.

– Can be set from the charger, no need for a computer.
– protects batteries and prevents overcharging via charging,
conditioning and float modes.

– allows the user to charge 1, 2 or 3
battery banks.

– displaying real time current and voltage measurements.
– showing % of charger capacity being used as well as power capacity

– increases efficiency by almost 40% percent over
older / non-PFC chargers.

– FET based, increases charger efficiency by 10% over
traditional diode based chargers.

– for customers with flooded lead acid batteries.
– increases battery life.
– Lightweight, compact footprint for
easy installation.

– internal scan and systems check.
– Remote can be surface, flush,
or recess mounted.


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