Portable Global Charger – USA

12V 5A

£67.47 £80.96 inc. VAT

12V 5A


Principle Features:

Universal A/C input – 100 – 240V
5A at 12V or 2.5A at 24V

Universal frequency input 47 – 64Hz
Provides the latest pulse charging.

Has built in de-sulphation ability.

Is suitable for all types of lead acid batteries:

Wet, GEL, AGM, calcium

Provides multi stage charging – pulse absorption and
float charging – allowing unit to be left on continuously. ¼
8 LED information panel with a 3 button control panel.

Defective battery alert and battery recovery.

2 interchangeable leads with clamps and eyelet


Electronic reverse polarity protection with LED warning.

40 hours time out to avoid any possible problems.

Short circuit protection.

Thermal protection.


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