Battery Chemistry Module

12V 60AMP INC 1x Temp Sensor

£189.40 £227.28 inc. VAT

12V 60AMP INC 1x Temp Senso


Product Information

1) Easy installation, break the charge cable and

insert the unit w/ negative cable.

2) Will convert any single stage charger into

a multiple stage charger.

3) 12-24V, 24-12V, 24V-24V and 12V-12V


4) Retro fit with an existing charger.

5) 9 selectable battery chemistries (FLA, SLA,

AGM, Gel, Calcium, LiFePO4)

6) Temperature compensation sensor, charge

rate fluctuates with ambient temperature.

7) Remote battery sense for each module.

8) 6 LED charge and warning information LEDs

9) Fail safe, reverts to basic charge function in

event of a failure.

10) High battery temperature trip. Every battery

can be monitored and unit’s voltage reduced in

event of battery temperature problems on any


11) Ignition / signal feed to link in with a Sterling

Pro Split R alternator splitting system. This

allows the output to be further split.

12) Requires multi output charger with live

voltage on terminals to activate this unit.


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