Pro Universal Advanced Regulator


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Principle features:

Small in size. Big in charging results.

Our Lowest cost solution to advanced 4 step charging on the go.

Sterling Power Advanced Alternator Regulators allow you to change the standard output of your alternator

into a four step charge profile.

Our four step charging profile extends the life of your batteries by fully charging and conditioning your

batteries, as well as entering into a float mode when charging is complete to protect against overcharging

your batteries.

Advanced 4 step charging algorithm provides a charging rate that recovers your batteries up to five times

faster than a standard alternator.

Unlike other Advanced Regulator packages on the market our advanced regulators will work with your

existing engine alternator. You don’t have to buy a new alternator as part of the installation. No pulley

changing, no new bracket building.

When installed in conjunction with our ProSplit-R Zero Drop Battery Isolator Product Line, you can provide

advanced 4 step charging to all of your battery banks from your alternator, without the risk of any one of your

battery banks discharging the others.

Four different battery charging profiles are selectable: Open lead acid, closed lead acid, AGM and GEL.

Will work with 12 volt and 24 volt systems and positive or negative field inputs.

Supplied with a battery temperature sensor to provide battery temperature compensation.

The ProReg-D/S/U models have an optional remote, 12 or 24 volt capability and an alternator temperature



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