Gold full HD FORS Package – Artic

Monitor, 5 Cameras, DVR

£1,507.99 £1,809.59 inc. VAT

Gold Full HD FORS Package – Rigid. Gold FORS Package – Artic. With Touchscreen monitor, DVR, Five cameras including internal or loading camera.


Gold Full HD FORS Package – Artic

FORS – A scheme for fleet operators that aims to raise the level of quality and to demonstrate wich operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

Reasons for FORS associated products – Manoeuvres become safer and easier, High Visual deterrent against vandalism, Prevents accidents and personal injury, Reduces Blind Spots, Peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers.

Kit includes :

  • Full HD 7″ Premium Touchscreen Dashboard Monitor.
  • Full HD Offside camera.
  • Full HD Heavy duty rear camera.
  • Full HD Nearside camera.
  • Full HD Front Facing camera.
  • Full HD Internal or loading camera.
  • Five channel mobil DVR
  • 960GB SSD Hard Drive.
  • Four side sensors with video overlay.
  • FORS Warning Sticker.
  • Signal Indicator Module.
  • White Noise reverse alarm.
  • Left turn alarm.
  • Signal indicator module.
  • Estimated recording time – 556 hours.

Fitting Available Please Call 01923 712430 for details.


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