4.3″ Mirror Mount Monitor – Clip on

Compatible with all cameras.

£96.20 £115.44 inc. VAT

A compatible with all parking cameras 4.3″ Monitor Mirror mount. When used in conjunction with parking cameras, manoeuvres are made quick, simple and safe.


Key details

  • 4.3″ High resolution LCD Mirror Monitor.
  • Can be used in conjunction with all parking cameras – NTSC and PAL.
  • Clip on / OEM bracket functionality or mount on bracket – Discreet look.
  • Placed in a convenient and natural place to look when reversing – Interior Mirror.
  • Makes parking manoeuvres simple, quick and safe – Allowing clear views via parking cameras.
  • On screen display function – Touch screen.
  • Colour Monitor.
  • Anti-glare.
  • Multi-channel.
  • Infrared remote control included.
  • Audio – multiple languages.
  • 12 / 34 volt.
  • 2 x video in (Phono).
  • 1 x Audio in (Phono).
  • Dimensions – width 258mm x Height 85mm x Diameter 20mm.
  • Fitting Available please call 01923 712430 for details.
  • See our wide range of parking cameras, that can be used in conjunction with the 4.3″ mirror monitor.


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