Blind Spot Kit 3 – Monitor, HD Camera,

Audible warning, 4 Side sensors

£348.39 £418.07 inc. VAT

Blind Spot Kit 3 includes – Full HD LCD Monitor, Blind spot camera, Audible alarm, Four side sensor detection kit with buzzer, Signal indictor switch and blind spot signs.


Blind Spot Kit – 3 – 7″Monitor, Audible alarm, Four sensor side detection kit, Signal indictor switch and blind spot signs.

Reasons for having a blind spot kit installed: – Manoeuvres become safer, Accidents prevented, Personal injury prevented, eliminates vehicle blind spots, FORS/CLOCS/DVS associated product.

7″ Full HD LCD Monitor – Remote control included

  • Resolution – 800 x 480 x RGB.
  • Dimensions – 180 x 121 x 26mm.

Blind Spot Camera

  • Heavy Duty – Robust Casing, IP68 Water-proof.
  • Viewing Angle – 150°.
  • Night Vision – 5 IR LEDs Lights .
  • Dimensions – H45mm x W58mm x D73mm.

Audible Alarm – Vehicle turning left.

  • Audible Warning – “Beep Beep Beep This vehicle is turning left”
  • Connects to right indicator (Combined with Signal Indictor Switch) – alarm will not sound when hazard lights are on.
  • Volume – 90-92dB.
  • Waterproof – IP68 resin sealed.

Four Sensor Side Detection Kit with Buzzer.

  • Detection range – 0.05 to 2.5M.
  • Distance detection accuracy – 1cm.
  • Detection Angle – 120H / 60V.
  • Buzzer Volume – 75-105dB.

Signal Indictor Switch (Tacho & Speed) – Two modes

  • (1)Speed dependent -Constant voltage output, when speed is below programmed limit, and indicator is ON.
  • (2)Indicator – Constant voltage output at any speed when indicator is on.

Blind Spot Signs.

  • A4 sized – Portrait or landscape versions.

Fitting Available please call 01923 712430 for details.



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