Tracker Fleet

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Our market leading fleet tracking product is a vital tool for fleet managers. Using real time information and comprehensive reports it can enable better planning, saving time, money and improving productivity.


Key Details

TRACKER Fleet features:

  • Minimise fuel costs by eliminating unnecessary journeys.
  • Increase workforce utilisation and boost profits.
  • Build customer satisfaction keeping them up-to-date with progress and responding quickly to changing needs.
  • Generate alerts in response to driver behaviour or location.
  • Accurately monitor working hours.
  • Review overall fleet driving style.
  • Fuel card integration.
  • Journey playback to retrace routes with the option of a driver’s eye view with Google Street View.
  • Customised dashboard so you can create a single screen covering all areas of interest including KPIs, maps and reports.
  • Geofencing generates alerts when vehicles enter or leave a designated area on the map.
  • Traffic Cameras to view congestion and allow rerouting to avoid delays.
  • True Idling Transient Voltage Detection technology accurately measures idling time.
  • Customised alerts to inform users of exceptions to company policy.
  • CO² monitoring and reporting tool.
  • The functionality of TRACKER Fleet is provided via a secure website that you can customise for your fleet to create a dashboard of the reports and indicators you are most interested in.
  • The website can be accessed using all modern web browsing devices including tablets and smartphones so wherever you are you can always get the information you need to manage your fleet effectively.


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