Pro Combi S SineWave Inverter/Charger

24V, 2500W

£821.32 £985.58 inc. VAT

Pro Combi S (Pure-Sinewave) Sine Wave has Two main functions – (1) Powerful, automatic, multi-stage Charger while connected to a Mains Supply. (2) Inverter – supplying 230V from the battery when mains power is disconnected.


Key Details

  • Pro Combi S (For Pure-Sinewave) Sine Wave Inverter / Charger.
  • Three Functions – Inverter, Battery Charger, 30A changeover switch.
  • Battery Charger Function – Advanced Multi-Stage Characteristics.
  • Suitable for permanent connection to battery.
  • Charger Output current – 40amps nominal 14V.
  • Energy efficient – 96%
  • 24v.
  • Powerful and Hard wearing.
  • Automatic Operation.
  • Comprehensive status and alarm – LED display.
  • CE and UL Standard Compliant.
  • Transfer switch rating – 30amp.
  • Minimum input voltage for Inverter – 10v.
  • Charger Output – 40amps at nominal 14V.
  • Selector for different battery types – Gel, SLA, AGM, Calcium, Open Lead Acid.
  • 10 meter cable included.
  • Remote Panel included.
  • Dimensions – 185mm x 180mm x 430mm.


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