4 Eye 17mm Parking Sensors

Flush Fit with adaptable sensor housing.

£70.07 £84.08 inc. VAT

Four adaptable 17mm Flush fit intelligent Cobra Sensors, that will mute radio when reverse gear is selected.



  • FOUR 17mm Flush Fit sensors.
  • Sensor Housing adaptable for bumper thickness from 2mm to 4mm. This enables a perfect flush mount alignment.
  • Sensors can be colour coded.
  • Waterproof.
  • Intelligent Detectable – Will detect Vehicles Towbar/Sparewheel and ignore.
  • Will Mute radio when reverse gear is selected.
  • Self Test Function.
  • System active when vehicle Stationary or on the Move.
  • Two or Four sensor compatible.
  • Sensors can be fitted to Front/Rear of vehicle.
  • Fully ISO 9001 and ISO 17386 (MALSO) compatible.


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