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TAD i-am™ Rental Calculator

This lease rental calculator can help you decide which is the right amount of financing for you. Lease rentals are provided through our leasing partner, System Rentals Ltd.

Only available to Limited Companies, PLCs, LLPs and partnerships with 4 or more partners.

Choose Your Quantities

We offer leasing from £2000 to £100,000

TAD i-am™ Unit- Card Reader with Immobiliser and Loom
£950 per Unit
Occupancy Sensor - 1.5 Ton
£465 per Unit
Occupancy Sensor - 3 Ton
£559 per Unit
Installation - Per Vehicle
£150 per Vehicle
Smart Card - Pre-programmed
£20 per Unit
£115 per Unit
Connectivity - Monthly
£15 per Month
Replacement Smart Cards
£25 per Unit
Service Charge (1st Year Included) - 2nd and Subsequent Years
£10 per Year
TermMonthly RentalWeeklyDaily
1 Year      
2 Years      
3 Years      
4 Years      
5 Years      

This Rental Calculator will convert any capital cost to an affordable monthly lease rental provided by our leasing partner, Systems Rentals Ltd.

Equivalent Weekly Rental is shown for illustration purposes.

Rentals are a guide and are subject to VAT.

Rentals payable Monthly in advance by Direct Debit.

Rentals may change in line with cost of funds or underwriting.

All quotes are subject to status.