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Why you should be Ply Lining your Commercial Van

The van is one of the biggest investments that most tradespeople will make and so it makes sense to protect it in terms of performance and longevity. Ply lining is a cost effective way to do this, both in terms of providing physical protection for the load space and also when it comes to organising your van for optimal use.

Why use ply?

If you’re considering lining your van you’ve probably looked at a number of different options, such as vinyl. However, when it comes to versatility, as well as effectiveness and cost, there are very few materials that work as well as ply. Whether you’ve just got a new van, or you’re looking to make improvements to an old one, it’s a great solution. It even works when you’re leasing vehicles – once you’ve lined the vehicle with ply it doesn’t matter how much damage is done to the wood, you can just remove it before you hand the vehicle back and the van itself will be in great condition. So, regardless of how much wear and tear the inside of the van gets you’ll still be able to meet the conditions in your leasing agreement.

How to use ply

Ply lining is a first choice for most van owners because it’s easy to work with and it’s very sturdy. It can protect the inside of your van incredibly effectively, especially the areas that are likely to suffer the most damage. Ply lining can also provide you with a much smoother loading surface – and, even if the wood is scratched significantly during loading and unloading, the metal underneath remains untouched.

  • Get the ply lining fitted as soon as possible. As it effectively provides a protective layer over the inside of the van you’ll get the most benefit from a ply lining if you opt to have it fitted as soon as you get hold of the van.
  • Pay up front or in instalments. It’s usually possible to pay for your ply lining either in one go up front or in several instalments.

Ply as a creative storage solution

Another great reason to opt for a ply lining is that it essentially provides a blank canvas onto which you can create a storage system that works for your needs. Modular storage solutions can be incredibly useful in terms of organising the inside of your van, tools, equipment and supplies. If you’re opting for a modular storage system then this is very easy to achieve with ply. Mounting holes for purpose-built storage solutions can be drilled straight into ply lining and once you’ve applied the wood to the entirety of the inside of the van you can basically design storage that works for you on top. For example, you can opt for space saving racking storage, which will help to avoid damage to tools while you’re in transit, reduce the time you spend looking for what you need and increase the volume of usable space inside the vehicle.

Ply lining can be a transformative addition to a van – and also help you to reduce costs in the long run.

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