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Why you need to invest in a Catalytic Converter protection

Of all the parts of your vehicle that need protecting, the Catalytic Converter may not seem like the most obvious choice. However, thanks to the individual value of some of its component parts the Catalytic Converter is increasingly being targeted by thieves who are looking to make a quick buck. In the first half of the year in 2019 twice the number of Catalytic Converter thefts were reported to the police than in the whole of the year before. So, this type of theft is on the rise, which is why Catalytic Converter protection is now such an important investment.

Why are Catalytic Converters being targeted?

Most modern vehicles today are fitted with a Catalytic Converter. This is the part of the car or van that is designed to clean up the vehicle’s emissions and remove some of the most harmful elements, such as carbon monoxide. When the emissions pass through the Catalytic Converter rare metals work to remove these nasties from the exhaust. It’s the rare metals – such as platinum and rhodium – that are making Catalytic Converters such a target for thieves. Rhodium, for example, is now worth around £4,000 per ounce. It might sound like a lot of effort for such a small amount of rare metal but those who successfully steal a Catalytic Converter are likely to get around £400 for it in payment terms.

How can you protect yourself?

It’s challenging to spot someone who is stealing a Catalytic Converter, as this can be done in as little as three minutes by a thief who really knows what they’re doing. Some vehicles are a little more vulnerable than others. For example, thieves have traditionally targeted modern cars and vans but are now increasingly looking at hybrids. The main reason for this is that their Catalytic Converters tend to have less wear and tear because the car is not running on gas the entire time.

You can carve your VIN onto your Catalytic Converter – this may act as a deterrent and could also help to trace it if it is stolen. Where you park may also make a big difference. Although an experienced thief can take a Catalytic Converter quickly they may be put off if your vehicle is parked in a well-lit, busy area. If you do have access to a garage then this is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t suffer with this kind of theft. Specialist Catalytic Converter protection is another good option if you’re worried about your vehicle. There are a range of different options for this, including one that is installed over the Catalytic Converter itself making it hard for thieves to actually get to it. Even the simplest of systems may motivate a potential thief to give up and move on to a less well protected vehicle.

With Catalytic Converter theft on the rise – and the cost of replacement upwards of £400 – it’s important to ensure that you have some kind of protection in place.

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