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Update: Rising Van theft! Some tips on keeping your van and contents more secure

Van theft is no joke. It can result in interruption to your business as well as escalating costs if your insurance won’t pay out to cover everything that was stolen. Around 10,000 van thefts were recorded in the last year with a 45% increase in this type of crime since 2015.

This is an issue that affects van owners and drivers across the country – although the largest numbers of thefts tend to be reported in London other areas suffer too. For example, in West Yorkshire van theft numbers have increased by 67% over the past year. In Leicestershire the number of vans stolen this year was ten times the figures from the previous year. So, wherever you are in the country, security issues are becoming increasingly pressing.

How to keep your van and contents secure

  • Stay up to date. A lack of awareness is one of the most significant contributing factors when it comes to problems with van theft. Many owners and drivers are simply not aware that there is a risk until it’s too late. If you want to be prepared then it’s important to stay on top of the latest threats and also to have a response plan in place should this happen to you. That could include keeping an updated list of the contents of your van and ensuring you keep receipts in case you need them for insurance claims.
  • Be cautious with your keys. Smarter thieves won’t try to tackle your security systems but will go straight for the keys instead. One of the simplest ways to keep your van and its contents secure is to make sure that you have the keys with you at all times and don’t leave them vulnerable.
  • Review your security situation. Newer vans will have more security features but you can always add more. Some of the most basic security precautions include deadlocks and slamlocks, as well as trackers and immobilisers. Alarms can also be a useful deterrent and you may want to consider chaining expensive items to the interior of the van to prevent opportunistic theft of specific equipment.
  • Use your garage. If you have one, a garage is always the best place to park to avoid a theft. If not, choose somewhere well lit and busy, close to an occupied building where people could look out and note what’s going on.
  • Be wary about what you put on the outside of the van. Any signs and branding could actually act as an invitation to thieves to break in if they know that your business is likely to have specific types of tools or equipment inside. Vans without windows can prevent thieves from being able to look in and see what they can take – or if windows are necessary, consider getting them tinted so they are opaque.

Given the rising number of van thefts all over the country it’s essential for every owner and driver to understand how to keep a vehicle and its contents secure.

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