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Ultimate guide to organising your tools in a van

Why organise the tools in your van? This minimal investment of time and resources could have a wealth of benefits for your business. From making you more efficient and productive, to avoiding the damage that can result from disorganised tools in transit, there are many advantages. You may even find that, with a little more organisation, you’ll save enough space to buy a cheaper van. So, how should you approach the task of organising your tools in your van?

Rank your tools

Start with those that you use the most and end with the tools that get the least use. It makes sense to organise your van so that the tools you need the most often are the most accessible.

Consider your options

Storage solutions for your van come in a whole wide range of different options and can be customised to suit the needs of the business and the space. Some of the choices that you might want to consider include:

  • Plywood open shelving. Versatile and ideal for small budgets, this can accommodate most types of box and drawer systems
  • Custom modular shelving. This requires a little more investment but can be designed so that it accommodates specific toolboxes and/or equipment
  • Shelving that is specific to your van make. This option is very simple to install and you can usually do this yourself. It doesn’t have the flexibility of custom shelving but is usually a great way to efficiently use the space you have
  • Garage tool racks. Not the most effective solution but easy to do, adapting garage tool racks for your van is simple, cheap and fast

When it comes to materials, shelving is usually available in aluminium, steel and plywood – the best option will depend on your budget and the strength that you need.

Creating the right layout

There are lots of factors to bear in mind when it comes to layout. For example you’ll need to identify the main point of access to the inside of the van and how easy to reach everything is going to be from there. Weight distribution is another key factor, especially in larger vehicles, as is the potential need for electricity. It’s also a good idea to clarify the purpose of the van – for example, do you simply need it to store and transport tools or are you also looking to have space to work in it?

Finding extra storage space

Optimising the space in your van is the best way to make sure that it’s supporting your business and storage often has a big role to play in this. There are some clever ways to create more storage space in your van without upgrading the size, including hidden floor compartments or a roof rack. You could also add in a false roof or a false bed if you need a lot of extra space.

It’s worth the time and effort it takes to organise the tools in your van. This will not only help you to make the most of space but support better performance too.

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