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Top tips on space saving racking storage for your commercial van

Sometimes, no matter how much effort goes into it, the interior of a commercial van can become a scene of chaos. Without the right organisation you’re wasting space and you’ll probably feel like it’s virtually impossible to find what you need when you need it.

Not only is this a waste of your valuable time but it could also mean that tools and equipment end up damaged. Plus, there’s the negative impression that it will make on clients and potential customers. However, given that the inside of a commercial van can be quite a cramped environment, how can you make the most of it and get organised?

Space saving racking storage is the answer

There are some great benefits to investing in space saving racking storage, including:

  • Increasing the volume of usable space inside the van
  • Ensuring that your tools and components are organised and properly sorted
  • Reducing the time spent searching for items to do a job
  • Avoiding damage, especially to the more expensive tools
  • Improving cost effectiveness – the more organised you are, the smaller the van you’ll be able to use so the less you’ll pay in up front capital investment and running costs
Another bespoke ply shelving and racking project completed to spec by TAD.

It’s easy to work with racking storage for your van, as it can be completely customised to fit the design of the vehicle, as well as the specific needs of your job and the tools that are required to do it. Whether you need space for fixings, timber, spare parts or plumbing pipes, the versatility of racking storage means that you’ll be able to accommodate what you need in an organised way

Top tips for space saving racking storage

Start with an empty van

Clear everything out and make an inventory of what is currently in there

Plan your storage

Take some time to plan how you want the inside set up to look and function
Make a list of all the equipment and materials that you’re going to be carrying on a regular basis so that you know what you need to make space for

Choose options

Look into all the options available for racking storage – including drawers, deep tray or angled shelves – as well as the accessories that could help create the perfect set up (such as rubber matting and hooks).

Learn from examples

Look at the way others use this space saving option – for example, tradespeople who are regularly carrying a large number of components tend to opt for multiple smaller drawers. Those dealing with larger equipment and power tools may have fewer, more sizeable options.

Think about downsizing

Will new storage enable you to use a smaller van? This could be a great cost saving exercise if that’s the case – before you start buying racking storage work out whether you could downsize to save.

Talk to the experts

We are specialists in space saving functionality, such as racking storage, and we can help you to find the right design for your commercial van. Get in touch and have a chat with one of our friendly team.