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Top tips on space saving racking storage for your commercial van

Can you open the back of your van and quickly find what you’re looking for? If the answer is no then it might be time to rethink the way that your vehicle is organised. If you’ve ever injured yourself rooting around for tools or lost time on a job because you cant find what you need – or you’ve wasted money duplicating supplies that you already had but couldn’t see under the chaos of your van – then now is the perfect time to start thinking about how space saving racking storage could change your everyday experience.

Why racking storage for your commercial van makes sense

Purpose built storage systems are specifically designed for the space available and the demands of your job. You may already have created a few home made storage solutions of your own but there is no substitute for installing specifically designed racking storage in your van. It makes sense for a number of reasons, including:

Making more of the usable space available

If you have purpose built van storage installed you can carry more in the same space – and, even though you’ve got more in the van, everything remains organised and easy to access.

More efficient work practices

Racking storage provides an opportunity to organise everything so that you can find what you need in moments and stop wasting valuable time searching.

Adding security

Obviously, the most secure way to protect your tools is to take them inside at night. However, if this is not possible, a secure van box can both act as a deterrent and make it harder for anyone to take your things.

Protecting expensive or delicate tools

The organisation you’ll see from racking storage means that you won’t have to keep replacing tools that get damaged by contact with other tools or the van itself because they haven’t been properly secured and protected.

Top tips on space saving racking storage

  • Start with an empty van so you can plan the components you need to install
  • Look at what you use every day and how accessible this needs to be
  • Consider all the options available to you, including aluminium or beech ply racking
  • Remember that almost any configuration is possible with the right combination of drawers, deep tray or angled shelves and accessories such as rubber hooks
  • Identify the most valuable or delicate tools or pieces of kit and look at whether it might be worth having cabinets or van boxes to protect and secure them
  • Every setup will be different. For example, if you’re regularly using a broad spectrum of small components, the configuration you opt for will probably include multiple drawers
  • Consider whether you could get a smaller van – the space saving nature of racking storage means that you could switch to a smaller, less costly van but still carry everything you need simply by being more organised
  • It often helps to sketch out your racking storage design so you can see how the finished product might look

Racking storage can be transformative for small spaces – it will not only enable you to be better organised but could also save time and money too.

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