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Top Fleet trends in 2019

Fleet management is becoming an increasingly fast paced area. Thanks to advances in technology and the drive for more efficiency and greater productivity, the industry is going through a period of almost constant change and evolution. If you’re looking to stay on top of the latest innovation these are some of the top fleet trends to watch in 2019.

Analysis and strategy in fleet management

The role of the fleet manager is evolving considerably given the wealth of insights and tools that are available to optimise the way fleets are run. An analytical and strategic mindset has become a top priority and a proactive and predictive approach to issues such as maintenance and safety is increasingly the norm. At the heart of this change is the need to stay on top of issues as they arise and start using available information to generate change.

A vast wave of data

Thanks to the broad use of fleet telematics, big data is a burgeoning trend. Most fleets now have more data than they know what to do with and this is potentially an issue for those unable to focus on the insights that are likely to be the most valuable to an individual fleet. To take advantage of the big data trend it’s essential to invest in tools to manage and analyse data so that it can start to work for the business. Focusing on insights that relate to specific areas of concern, such as fleet safety, will make data much more valuable and useful too.

Connected vehicles are the future

It’s difficult to ignore the influence of connectivity on any industry today and vehicle fleets, in particular, are going to be transformed by this trend. Connected vehicles have a lot to offer when it comes to fleet management. This begins with the data that can be generated and used to help optimise the performance of a fleet. Data-driven, connected fleets will be more able to identify and reduce safety issues, remove obstacles to productivity and identify ways in which small changes can help to make a big difference to overall performance. Connectivity is still in its early stages so remains a trend to watch in terms of how this will evolve in fleet management – it could be crucial to future competitiveness and the right technology could generate a wealth of benefits.

KPIs and core goals

Clarity on core values and goals is a trend that is sweeping across every sector today. In fleet terms it means linking up meaningful KPIs with the core objectives that are driving the business. There are a wide range of different factors that will have a part to play here, from external factors to essential stakeholders. The key is to ensure that there is a link between fleet metrics and performance and overall goals for the business – and that this continues to evolve over time.

These trends could change the landscape of fleet management in 2019 and are essential to watch.

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