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Top 8 challenges that Enterprise Fleet Managers Encounter

For any fleet manager, tackling the day-to-day reality of thousands of vehicles across a broad geographical area can be intimidating. Whether those vehicles are driving national routes or crossing international borders there is a lot that any manager needs to stay on top of. In particular, these 8 key challenges tend to be especially important.

  1. Ensuring you stay on top of relevant information. A large fleet can generate a vast amount of data that needs daily review. For any fleet manager this can be a case of information overload with thousands, or even millions, of chunks of information to stay on top of. Fleet management software is a great solution to this issue, providing a way to handle all the data coming in and set alerts for any information that is absolutely crucial.
  2. Harmonising software and data systems. If your enterprise fleet is currently running a myriad of different software and data systems, without any integration between them, this may mean manually transferring it between applications. From the time this takes to the potential for mistakes, there are many obvious issues this can cause. There are multiple solutions available to this, from the right software to the use of APIs.
  3. Getting the most from all assets. In a sizeable fleet, vehicles can simply get lost or remain unused – to the cost of the business. Fleet tracking software offers perspective on how these assets are currently being employed and key insights to ensure that ongoing decisions about assets are fully informed.
  4. Small issues that go unsolved. For any sizeable fleet, it may seem virtually impossible to police every vehicle in it – and so some rules are persistently ignored or broken. However, fleet management software with real time alerts built in provides ongoing notification of issues so that resolution can be swift.
  5. The geography challenge. A large fleet is likely to be spread far and wide and may feel unwieldy and unmanaged as a result. The right fleet management software will not only enable you to see the entire fleet at one time but also individual vehicles in real time.
  6. Finding data quickly. You may need to locate information about a specific vehicle in a particular location, quickly – but manually this can take hours. However, the right software makes all fleet information available in real time and ensures that it is quickly searchable too.
  7. A scalable infrastructure. An enterprise fleet can grow quickly but without the right infrastructure in place to support this, management can soon become chaotic. The key is to have easily scalable software that is responsive to the business as it grows.
  8. Minimising risk to the business. From dangerous driving, to vehicles being used outside of assigned areas or business hours, a lack of transparency can lead to costly risks for the business. Fleet management software provides 24/7 monitoring, as well as the function to set alerts for particular problem behaviours.

Many of these challenges can be easily overcome with the right fleet management software.