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The importance of Deadlocks as a measure to protect your commercial vehicle

If you use a commercial vehicle in your business, then no doubt you understand that owning one is about more than just getting from A to B. Your van could serve as your office, a lock up for your tools and the location where everything you need to do your job effectively is stored. An increase in van thefts has left many without the resources to ensure business continuity and taking a hit on annual profits as a result of delays in replacements and insurance issues. That’s why security is so important when it comes to commercial vehicles – and Deadlocks are such a key measure to consider.

Why is a deadlock so useful?

It’s a locking mechanism that requires a key, which makes it a secure option for any commercial vehicle. Deadlocks were introduced to stop opportunistic theft – with no spring bolt mechanism inside the lock it’s much harder for anyone who shouldn’t be accessing the vehicle to do so without a key. Deadlocks are simple to install and can be retrofitted to any commercial vehicle at any time with very little inconvenience. There are also a range of different types of deadlocks available with options to suit every van and budget. Given the impact that this security system can have on whether your vehicle is targeted by thieves, the ratio of investment to reward is high.

A cost-effective solution

Deadlocks are probably one of the cheapest options when it comes to van security but also remain one of the most effective. Most deadlocks cost somewhere between £60 and £200 when it comes to securing vehicle doors but the security upgrade that they offer is significant. Getting deadlocks installed can help to improve the status of your vehicle with an insurance company and will make a big difference to how secure your commercial van is overall. While relatively inexpensive they could be the difference between losing your tools – and the vehicle itself – to an opportunistic theft and keeping your business interests secure.

The deterrent effect

The main motivator for spontaneous theft is being able to break in, steal and get out as quickly as possible, as this minimises the risk of getting caught. Deadlocks don’t make this particularly easy and so can make a thief think twice about trying to break into your vehicle. It’s incredibly difficult to pick a deadlock, in fact often impossible. Someone who is trying to get into your vehicle could spend hours trying to do so and still fail because entry requires a key. As a result, it’s always a good idea to keep a spare key somewhere so that you can get into the van if the original is lost.

Thefts from commercial vehicles, as well as thefts of the vehicles themselves, are rising at an alarming rate in the UK. If you depend on your commercial van to be able to do your job then it’s essential to take sufficient security precautions. Deadlocks are a very simple and cost-effective option for instantly increasing the level of security that your van has.

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