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Introducing the TAD i-am™

The innovative new TAD i-am™, from TAD, is designed to dramatically improve security, on-site health and safety, and improve company efficiency, offering much-needed protection by ensuring only authorised, fully-trained personnel operate vehicles.

The TAD i-am™ also provides a wealth of added safety features, and keeps managers up-to-date with all necessary training programmes, and generates valuable data which can dramatically improve site efficiency.

How does it work?

Firstly, TAD i-am™ immobilisers and smart-card readers are installed onto existing plant equipment, verifying safety and operational features once installation is complete.

Employees are issued with a durable smart card, which contains digital information specific to the operator’s training qualifications, equipment scope and size limitations, along with relevant expiry dates are securely programmed to the card.

When an operator arrives at a piece of plant equipment they will find it completely immobilised. They must then insert their smart-card into the smart-card reader, which will instantly check and verify training data if they have received the necessary training for the equipment, the TAD i-am™ panel will display a green light and start immediately.

If they haven’t, or if they are due for re-training, the panel will flash red, the machine will remain immobilised and require them consult with a manager before proceeding. Unique design features ensure that if the card is removed whilst the vehicle is in operation, the vehicle will operate safely for thirty seconds before becoming immobilised.

This feature also ensures multiple pieces of equipment cannot be accessed simultaneously from one smart-card. This simply and effectively ensures only employees with the correct training operate plant and vehicles, ensuring best practice and health and safety compliance.

Equipment can also be fitted with an intelligent occupancy sensor which will automatically freeze the unit’s hydraulics if the driver leaves his seat, and remain frozen until he sits down again. This immediately prevents bad practices, and stops a common and dangerous breach of health and safety.

As well as offering added security to valuable equipment, the TAD i-am™ also gives companies an opportunity to analyse equipment usage in great detail through instant reporting. This can tell you exactly who is using a piece of equipment and generate specific reports on utilisation which could reduce costly hire and fuel fees.

The TAD i-am™ also comes with an innovative, easy-to-use ClearSight app, this features up-to-date information, including site log, user analysis, peak usage and denied access, giving site managers mobile access to everything, from health and safety to vehicle efficiency.

The highly versatile TAD i-am™ device can be either hired or purchased enabling you to benefit from its features on projects both large and small, and can easily be adapted to a variety of uses, with instant reporting achieved through connection to our fleet tracking system.