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TAD i-am™: A Case Study

TAD i-am™, the innovative card-based operator identification solution from TAD, has been a clear success for operator Clancy Plant, as their own 2-year case study shows below. Their conclusions in summary were:

“In line with Clancy Group’s Work safe Home Safe policy ,The Clancy Group have used the i-am Operator Identification system to reduce the risk to its operatives by means of remote management and competency verification. Over the last 2 years we have intercepted and prevented circa 180 potential unauthorised access attempts. The system which was conceived and developed in-house has been deployed across multiple product groups and for robustness, the system has been expanded to include building access and cashless payments.

The system has been instrumental in the identification of under-utilised assets where re-deployment of those assets has resulted in reduced operational costs and less requirement for externally sourced equipment.”