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How TAD i-am™ can help promote health & safety on construction sites in the UK

Construction sites anywhere in the world are not the safest places to be. However, there are steps that can be taken to ensure that they are operating within legal compliance standards and also that they have been made as safe as possible for those who are working on them. TAD i-am™ is a unique way to upgrade on-site health and safety and security – it can also deliver essential insights via monitoring and analysis too.

What is TAD i-am™?

It’s a system that has been designed to put control of plant equipment and plant vehicles safely in the hands of the site manager. Once the system is installed machines are immobilised to anyone without the correct authorisation, which both adds an extra security measure and also ensures that health and safety standards are as high as they can possibly be. TAD i-am™ works in several stages:

  • A smart card reader is installed into all equipment on site. This is easy to use and requires minimal training.
  • Personalised contactless key cards are provided for each employee, loaded with ID data, as well as information, such as qualifications and size limitations.
  • Once the system is installed, plant equipment can be activated by an operator using their personalised key card in the card reader, which will start the machine if the training data is verified and detected on the key card.
  • Special safety features. TAD i-am™ has been specifically designed for the construction industry and includes many custom features that are intended to make UK construction sites safer environments in which to operate. For example, if the key card is removed from a piece of equipment it won’t stop straight away but will continue for 30 seconds of safe use after removal.

TAD i-am™ + Clancy Plant

The Clancy Group installed TAD i-am™ to help improve construction site health and safety via the remote management and competency verification the system offers. Over a period of two years after the system was installed around 180 potential unauthorised access attempts were detected. Any one of these could have resulted either in an accident or theft of very valuable equipment and machinery.

Why use TAD i-am™?

In addition to improving health and safety on site there are a number of other benefits to using the TAD i-am™ system, including:

  • Protecting your investment. By installing TAD i-am™ you can minimise the potential for theft and damage to the investment made in site equipment.
  • Better monitoring and management on site. TAD i-am™ enables the use of site assets to be effectively monitored, including reports into the way equipment is being handled on site.
  • Insights from analysis. The data that is generated by TAD i-am™ includes key information such as common usage spikes and instances of denied access. All of this can be fed into better decision making going forwards to reduce costs and improve profitability and efficiency.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of TAD i-am™ for your business, and its impact on UK construction site health and safety, get in touch.