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End-to-end Asset Protection: TAD CanTrack

Backed by a team of ex-police officers, TAD CanTrack provides a true end-to-end solution for asset protection.

The comprehensive intelligence, gained by TAD CanTrack over 14 years, provides invaluable insight to theft demographics, asset specifics and common trends. Our sophisticated database enables you to manage your most valuable assets – analysing their whereabouts and cross-referencing with our intel – to ensure that your most values possessions are given the protection they deserve 24:7:365.

However, if an asset is stolen, our extensive ‘boots on the ground’ experience, backed by leading-edge technology, means we can swiftly identify, secure and recover the stolen item.

Our 90%+ asset recovery success rate is testament to this!

CanTrack Protects

  • Low cost solution
  • Remote sensors
  • Utilisation sensing
  • GPS locations daily
  • Ultra-long battery life
  • Inclusive finder service
  • EU communication subscription
  • Scheduled Hours