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Dash Cams: Top 5 Benefits

Dash cams may seem like a rather unnecessary expense, especially if you’re fitting an entire fleet out with them. However, the reality is that they can provide some essential insight into everything, from what really happened during an incident to how your drivers perform. If you’re looking to make your business more transparent, or improve current performance, then they could be a key piece of kit.

The benefits of dash cams

  1. You can see what really happened. If one of your vehicles is involved in an accident, dash cam footage could be essential in terms of identifying what really happened. This could also be crucial when it comes to establishing who is to blame for causing any damage or injury or – in a worst-case scenario – loss of life. Some types of dash cam are even able to detect when an accident has taken place and will automatically save and process footage from that period.
  2. The insurance benefits. Since 2015, many insurance companies have made it clear that they are happy to accept dash cam footage in the event of an insurance claim that involves an incident or accident. This can considerably simplify the process of claiming under your insurance, providing incontrovertible visual evidence that is difficult to dispute. The presence of a dash cam can not only help to simplify the claims process but may also have a role to play in keeping your insurance premiums down.
  3. Keeping an eye on other road users. The presence of a dash cam can be incredibly useful when it comes to the behaviours of other road users. Whether you’re integrating this footage into training programmes within the business or using it to report drivers who have been reckless or created risky situations that should not go un-noted, a dash cam provides evidence of everything, from those using phones at the wheel to clear use of drink or drugs.
  4. GPS functionality. One of the advantages of dash cams is that many come with GPS functionality built in. This can be essential in terms of identifying where drivers have been, whether that’s to ensure that jobs are being carried out as required or to identify whether the most fuel efficient routes are being taken. Particularly in a large fleet, location data may prove to be essential in terms of fleet management and ensuring your vehicles are run as efficiently as possible.
  5. Correcting problem behaviours. If you have drivers within your fleet who have a history of issues, who are very young or very inexperienced, the presence of a dash cam can be helpful. It not only provides evidence that can support during insurance claims or accident reporting but may also act as a deterrent to those who have not been particularly dedicated to careful driving in the past. Many people will be safer and more cautious drivers if they know they are being recorded.

These are just some of the benefits of using dash cams in your business.

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