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Clear Insights with TAD i-am™ and ClearSight

A Heathrow Telehandler’s Tale in Pictures

In nearly four months, a telescopic handler working at Heathrow equipped with TAD’s innovative TAD i-am™ system – a card-based operator identification solution that can help track equipment usage, employee activity and prevent unauthorised usage – generated reams of data for the hire company. This data can be analysed to an almost-forensic extent, thanks to the online ClearSight app, available to all TAD i-am™ users.

A Quiet Christmas

Initially in place by late-October, the telehandler didn’t see action until late-January, as shown by the usage log below:


However by late-January we see the telehandler pulling shifts nearing the three hour mark around the 25th/26th. Perhaps surplus to requirements for a week or so between January and February, the telehandler rests up, only to be pressed into service extensively on the 7th of Feb with almost of four hours of duty.

Busy February

If you hire out plant equipment, knowing just how hard your equipment is being pushed is essential information for planning maintenance. But what about your on-site labour? You can also query the raw access log in detail to get the full picture:


In providing both aggregate and detailed usage reporting, TAD i-am™ and ClearSight offer a level of control previously unavailable to plant operators and owners alike.

Environmentally Aware

Carbon emissions are a shared, global concern, which is why ClearSight also offers analysis of equipment emissions for several particulate types:


We can see here that in almost 22 hours of operation, the JCB has released roughly 20kg of CO2. Could that be improved? Is it operating at peak efficiency?

As environmental regulations seek to further reduce toxic emissions across the board, data such as this useful both in demonstrating equipment regulatory compliance, and also to get a picture of just how fuel-efficient a particular item of equipment actually is in daily usage.