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5 top tips to stay cool in your hot van

While the weather in the UK isn’t ever likely to break the mercury it can still get pretty stifling during the summer months. If you’re spending a lot of time in your van that can make conditions incredibly uncomfortable. Rather than suffering through the warmer months of the year this summer season there are some simple steps you can take to help cool things down.

  1. Cover your steering wheel. There’s nothing like trying to wrap your hands around a baking hot steering wheel if you’re already overheating in the sunshine. However, if you’ve been parked for a while with the windscreen in the sunshine during the summer that’s exactly what you’re likely to experience. Avoid that burning hand sensation and carry a towel with you every day. When you get out of the van just cover the steering wheel with the towel so that the underneath stays cool.
  2. Park in a shady spot. Although the sun has a tendency to keep moving throughout the day, there are some parking places that manage to remain in the shade. Particularly during the hottest hours of a summer day, try to find a parking spot that is out of direct sunlight. Buildings can provide a lot of shade and garages are great for this – be wary of trees though or you may end up having to go to the carwash afterwards.
  3. Invest in something to cover the windscreen. It’s direct sunlight that causes a confined space to start heating up and if you can filter or block this then you’ll stop the interior of your van from becoming like a sauna. Visors and sunshades can be incredibly useful tools. Inexpensive and easy to find and fit, these cheap solutions will help to block the amount of sunlight that makes it into the car and help keep temperatures at a much more bearable level. Not only will the air in the car stay cooler but all the fabric will too.
  4. Cover the seats. As well as the steering wheel, the seats of your van can also become another seriously uncomfortable hot spot when the sun has been glaring down on them for several hours. Take a blanket with you in the van and use this to cover the seats when you get out, especially the driver’s seat. This will help to ensure that when you get back in you don’t have to sit and get scalded.
  5. Consider the windows. You might want to think about leaving the windows open on your van on a really hot day – just the tiniest bit – to allow for some airflow. This will stop a build up of hot air and make the atmosphere inside a little more tolerable. However, not everyone is comfortable with the security risks involved in leaving windows open so you’ll have to weigh up the security vs. comfort issue.

These simple tips can help to ensure that your summer this year is enjoyable and your van doesn’t become a place of torture when the days really heat up.

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