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5 reasons why you should professionally fit racking storage to your work van

Every business needs to be leaner and more streamlined today. Tough economic conditions and the rising cost of living are putting pressure on everyone, from those in the industry to clients. Finding ways to improve profits and reduce spend is vital to ensure survival – one of the simplest ways to do this is to make your van a more effective and professional environment by fitting racking storage.

  1. Reduce your insurance premiums. Something as simple as fitting racking storage to your van can actually reduce your insurance costs by up to 5%. That’s because the presence of professionally fitted racking storage reduces risk, both with respect to the tools and equipment inside a van and also because it demonstrates a commitment to care of the vehicle. Drivers with a more organised space are eligible for lower premiums, one simple way to start reducing your regular costs.
  2. Optimise the space available. Smart solutions like racking storage can help you to make more of the space available inside your van. Customised, professionally fitted racking enables any space to be converted so that it is specifically designed to cater to the needs of your business, whether you’re carrying expensive equipment or lots of parts. Once you start the process of optimising your available space with racking storage you may even find that you can downgrade to a smaller van to further cut costs.
  3. Stop wasting time. If the space in your van is disorganised then it’s costing you in terms of man (or woman) hours. Time spent searching for the right tool or being unable to find what you need really adds up over the course of a year. You may even have been forced to refund or pay compensation to clients if you’ve had to use the wrong tool and the job has gone wrong as a result. You can stop this waste of time and money with custom designed racking storage.
  4. Health and safety compliance. Without properly designed storage, the back of a van can become a hazardous place. From cuts and nicks when you’re looking through your van, to injuries from items that move while the vehicle is in transit, there are – unfortunately – many ways in which this kind of disorganised space can do damage. Your tools are also highly likely to suffer – if they are not carefully stored and put away they may damage each other and you may face a constant ongoing bill of repair and renewal.
  5. Demonstrating best practice standards. Clients are unlikely to be impressed by a van that is a mess of tools, equipment and spares. If you’re looking to make a positive, professional impression on your clients then custom designed storage demonstrates a commitment to best practice and to your work.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s worth investing in professionally fitted racking storage – this can impact positively on everything, from your reputation to the business bottom line.

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