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10 tips to decrease your risk of tool theft

According to recent statistics, UK tradespeople lose more than £94 million a year in stolen equipment, and average tool theft claims are rising by 15%. The cost of replacing stolen tools, as well as the delays and business interruption that this causes, can be frustrating. So, what steps can you take to decrease the risk of tool theft to your business?

  1. Know when the risk is at its highest. Research puts this either during the month of July or in the run up to Christmas when people are getting a lot of work done on their homes. Mondays tend to be the hottest day of the week for theft.
  2. Take the tools inside. If it’s possible, the recommended advice is always to take your tools into a secure location, such as a secure garage or into your home.
  3. Use physical barriers to theft. Although many security solutions today are increasingly digital, these are much simpler to hack. So, often the best solution is to use physical barriers, such as different types of locks. The idea is to ensure that if someone does try to get into your van they have to make a lot of noise doing it.
  4. Be cautious about signage. If you need to have signage on your van because it’s a valuable form of advertising just remember that this can also act as a beacon to thieves who may know exactly what’s in the van as a result.
  5. Mark your tools. Visible marks, such as engravings or even painting the tools a bright colour, can be off-putting for thieves. Even if they don’t prevent someone from taking your tools they will at least make recovery easier.
  6. Visible locks are off-putting. There is an argument that the bigger and more visible your locks the more appealing this will be to thieves who conclude that there is something of value to steal. However, what is more likely is that a thief will choose a different target that looks less difficult to break into.
  7. Keep your most valuable tools elsewhere. If you can’t completely empty your van every night then just take the highest value tools inside to keep them safe. Value could be the financial value or those that are most essential to your trade and the most difficult to replace.
  8. Invest in tracking. If you have a tracking system in place you’ll be able to trace the van if it goes missing and significantly improve your chances of recovering the van and its contents.
  9. Be part of a community. Go online, share views, talk to others and look at the advice other professionals are offering so that you’re as well informed and connected as you can be.
  10. Get some advice about the right security. It’s worth speaking to the experts about which options are best for your tools and your van so that you’ve got the best possible systems installed.

If you’d like to speak to the experts about security for your van, contact a member of our team.