CATLOC – Catalytic Converter Security

Universal - Lozenge Shaped - 203mm wide

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The universal CATLOC is a security device for your Catalytic convertor. Made to fit and secure Lozenged/Clamshell shaped Catalytic converters or Diesel Particulate filters (Circumference 203mm wide 152mm tall). Helps combat the rise of thefts, due to the catalytic convertor high value precious metals found inside.

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Key Details

  • Universal CATLOC for Clamshell / Lozenged shaped Catalytic Converters or Diesel Particulate Filters.
  • Catalytic circumference 203mm wide 152mm tall Clamshell / lozenge and 585mm round Catalytic Converters.
  • Protects the valuable catalytic convertor from being stolen for their precious metals contained in the units.
  • Secure and cost effective.
  • Locks the Catalytic Converter to the vehicle – High security fixings.
  • Without the CATLOC, catalytic converters can be removed in about one minute with limited tools.
  • Marine grade stainless steel cage encases the converter.
  • Shear nuts – prevent easy removal.
  • Two stainless steel security ropes securely attach the cage to the vehicles under body.
  • 24/7 ISR marking and registration as standard – Unique code is chemically burnt onto your converter, this can be immediately identified by calling the ISR – Deters thieves as converter can be traced.
  • Window decals deterrers thieves away from your vehicle. – Great visual deterrent.
  • Included in the kit – Round Lock, Two Security cables, 4x2mm stainless plates, four large shear nuts, Four small shear nuts, One x ISR marking kit, High visibility window sticker.
  • Fitting Available please call 01923 712430 for details.

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