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  • Achilles Registration

    14th January 2015

    As requested by UK Power Networks TAD have successfully passed through data validation and TAD’s details have been updated for all UVDB buyers...

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  • Hydrogen Generator

    13th January 2015

    TAD’s Hydrogen Generator TAD’s new design hydrogen generator has been tested by Hopcroft Transport on a number of different vehicles. Every driver has reported extra power, lower running temperatures, less smoke, a much smoother drive and...

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  • Up and running

    27th January 2014

    Welcome to our new website! This website allows you to browse products, view images of the product, add them to your basket and select optional fitting. We hope that you find the website helpful for...

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  • Happy New Year

    2nd January 2014

    Happy New Year! After a relaxing Christmas and New Year, TAD Communications are now back to work as normal.  We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am until 5:00pm meaning if you have any questions...

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  • Christmas is near

    16th December 2013

    As Christmas draws ever closer, TAD are preparing many vehicles for the oncoming bad weather.  If you haven’t ensured your car/van is road worthy this winter, contact us now if there is anything you need...

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